Netatmo has developed a set of APIs to allow third parties to interact with Netatmo devices.

The Netatmo REST PRIVATE API allows a third party application (the application) to access a specific device (the device) once the owner of the device (the user) has granted access to the application. This allows to retrieve all recorded data of the device and perform actions on some devices.

The Netatmo REST PUBLIC API allows a third party application to access all recorded data of a device (the device) which has been previously set as "public" by its owner. It is currently not available but should be available later this year.

The application can be located anywhere on the internet, running on a server or on a terminal.

When needed, granting access is performed by the user to the application using OAuth 2.0 with either the Authorization Code Grant call flow or the Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant call flow.

The Netatmo REST APIs uses HTTP POST and GET methods and all HTTP responses are JSON encoded.

In the various sections of this website (, you will find:

  • The full documentation of our OAuth 2.0 implementation, with detailed examples.
  • Descriptions of all the methods available with the REST PRIVATE API, once authentication has been performed.
  • A developer kit, written in PHP, which is a very good starting point to have examples of the API running in minutes.
  • Forms to handle/create your own applications

If you have any questions, visit our forum. We will be pleased to help you.